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7 Best Marketing Strategies for Digital Marketing for B2B Companies In 2024


As a B2B digital marketing agency, we are constantly updating on the best techniques to define as any online marketing tactic that aims to promote your company to another organization. That means if you promote services or products to a different business online, you are probably employing B2B digital marketing.

About 56% of business-to-business (B2B) companies invest in digital marketing. This is because, to lead amidst competitors, business-to-business marketers like you are expected to have specific digital marketing tactics in mind.

However, before you venture into the B2B digital marketing strategies, you must know what online marketing for B2B entails. You should also be aware of the advantages of digital marketing techniques for B2B companies to have the green light from the management and better execute your plans for your business.

Therefore, let us examine the best digital marketing strategies for B2B companies in 2023.

7 Best Marketing Strategies for Digital Marketing for B2B Companies In 2023

Specificity of Brand Positioning

Understanding your brand's positioning is an initial crucial step in strategizing for your B2B company. Positioning is the technique of getting a unique placement for your brand in your client's minds. In simpler terms, positioning is when you set your business apart from everyone else's so people can easily remember your unique identity.

Consequently, your business will have a more reputable image and enjoy increased customer loyalty. That is to say how other buyers perceive your brand will help create demand for your services and products.

When you understand the positioning of your business, you will be able to market your products and services more effectively. Moreover, it will help you create marketing messages that resonate perfectly with your target audience.

Know Your Target Audience

Your brand is everything. Hence, developing B2B marketing strategies to communicate to your ideal customers and their needs is critical for marketing success in 2023.

A good number of B2B companies start by conducting market research and developing an ideal buyer persona to be sure their marketing is directed to the right audience.

The streamlined method of targeting leads makes sure that there is no budget loss to uninterested buyers. Meanwhile, your buyer personas is able to guide your B2B digital marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, these personas will make you know your clients' pain points, including how they find solutions to their needs.

Have a User-Friendly B2B Website

Endeavor to leave a positive impression on your customers by having a properly designed and detailed website. You should take your time to plan your site content perfectly, considering your buyer personas' needs with their pain points.

To earn the trust of prospective customers, ensure your B2B website is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and responsive. Moreover, it should be easy for site visitors to take necessary actions on your website, such as signing up for your newsletters, downloading your case studies, and filling out your form.

In addition, ensure your calls-to-action are visible and clickable even on mobile devices. Moreso, be careful of the load speeds of your site pages so your clients will not bounce away from your site.

Know Your Competitors' Weaknesses

As a B2B marketer, you should always watch your competitors. You could start with a competitive analysis to help you discover their identity, strengths, and weaknesses. After that, you can think about the ways you can better market to your shared audience.

However, merely providing a more affordable solution will not suffice. You could look into their website, social media advertisements, and overall messaging, including paid and organic keyword targeting.

For instance, if a competitor has a big budget for advertising but is not putting efforts into providing niche content, that is a good place you can fill the gap.

Furthermore, if you notice that their messaging does not communicate to your shared customers in a way they can comprehend, you could modify yours to be much better.

Doing this before you create content for your B2B digital marketing strategies could make your company outstanding among your competitors, irrespective of your budget size.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization is among the best 2023 B2B digital marketing strategies. It is an inexpensive method of grabbing the attention of your prospects through organic search and ranking for keywords.

This strategy also helps to increase marketing ROI. They are not difficult to measure with the help of SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console.

SEO is a tremendous business-to-business marketing strategy, as you could even use it to display your growth during presentations to your CEO and key stakeholders.

To succeed with SEO, you should ensure consistency in your messaging across your website and stay on top of algorithm updates.

Create Value-Driven Content

Another essential B2B marketing strategy that you should adopt is content marketing. Creating valuable content for blog posts, case studies, white papers, and informative videos will improve your credibility among B2B clients, thereby raising the probability of your business being shortlisted.

Moreover, content marketing complements your SEO efforts. Therefore, you should create content that your buyer personas may need, and that they will be on your website, giving you the privilege to convert them into clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another incredible way to get to B2B customers. Email marketing gives a return on every investment you make. You could use email marketing to nurture your leads who have downloaded your white paper or signed up for your newsletters.

Moreso, you should make good use of the contacts in your customer relationship management by sending personalized emails to your clients. You can also create a segment for your customers, which will guide the kind of content to share in every persona segment. This will further enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Track Your Performance


Besides implementing the best marketing strategies for your business-to-business company in 2023, monitoring your performance is essential.

Interestingly, with digital marketing strategies, measuring the success and results of your campaigns is easy. Also, with the tools available to help you keep track of your campaign's performance, you can easily identify which strategies were the most effective for your B2B business.

Moreover, since what is measurable can be improved, tracking your performance will help you hone your B2B digital marketing strategies and fine-tune your campaigns to make them more effective.

Codedesign Proprietary Methodology 

Our proprietary methodology for B2B companies in digital marketing is based on a code-design approach. Codedesign B2B Funnel is a structured, systematic approach to designing digital solutions tailored to meet a business's specific needs. It involves a deep dive into the code and a review of the architecture currently in place, as well as an analysis of how the code could be improved to meet the business goals. Our code-design methodology focuses on creating a comprehensive, scalable, and secure solution that meets each business's needs.

Our code-design methodology takes into account the specific needs of the business and the technologies they use. We use a combination of human-centered design, user experience design, and coding best practices to create a solution that meets the goals of the business. We also use agile development practices to ensure that changes to the code are implemented quickly and with minimal disruption to the company. This helps ensure that our solutions are always up-to-date and meet the business's needs.

Check the video below, where we explain our methodology and how to build a funnel for B2B.

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