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One of the many decisions business owners face is whether it is necessary to hire a digital marketing agency. For small businesses especially, it is important to be sure before you spend that you will see a return. Budget constraints and your existing marketing efforts may sway you to believe that you don’t need one. But on the contrary, working with an outside agency is one of the best investments your business can make. Here are five reasons why even businesses with an in-house team of marketing superstars need to work with a digital marketing agency:

1. Recruit Experienced Marketeers

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry. Expertise is elusive as techniques and strategies are constantly changing. Working with an agency who specializes in keeping up with the most recent trends ensures that your marketing strategy is staying up to date. Merely reading about the latest developments in digital is not enough. Experience is truly the greatest teacher. Codedesign has logged countless hours in campaign management, performance tracking, and iterative adjustment. Find experts not in theory, but practice.

2. Your Second Set of Eyes

We are all human. Sometimes we are limited by our own perspectives. An outside digital marketing agency can be your second set of eyes and help you see your business from a different angle. While your marketing team may eat, sleep, and breathe your business’s industry, sometimes what you really need is a breath of fresh air. Agencies have experience running campaigns for companies of all types. They can offer insights and ideas you may not have otherwise thought of.

3. Multiply Your Man Power

You want your marketing efforts to create a massive impact. But building an internal marketing team with the magnitude to achieve this is a near impossible task. When you hire a digital marketing agency to work for your company, you are hiring an entire team. Multiply the number of eyes, hands, and hours for every project. Keep your in-house marketing team small and indespensible. At the same time, get a team full of experts behind your back, every step of the way.

4. Get a Wide Range of Services

You need an e-commerce website developed, so you outsource to an agency. But then what about conversion path optimization? And who is going to write the articles for your content strategy? We've encountered this exact situation dozens of times at Codedesign. Agencies that offer a full range of services can be your best partners for overall marketing success. Digital marketing is never a one and done activity. It is an fluid processes, demanding constant attention and revision. Enhance your online visility and success by making use of a variety of digital disciplines. You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

5. Stay Focused on High-Level Goals

The reality of digital marketing is often a lot less glamourous and more time consuming than hoped. Thorough SEO comes with hours of keyword research. Paid search campaigns involve repetitive copy writing and A/B testing. Digital agencies are there to do the leg work (we actually really enjoy it). Your in-house team can stay focused on strategy. Identify high-level goals and let your partner agency implement the tactics to reach them. As they say, team work makes the dream work.


Finding a digital marketing agency to be your external partners is in your business's best interest. But be sure to find an agency with a transparent business model and a trustworthy track record. Shoot us an email to learn more about ours.

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