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As a small digital marketing agency, you are looking to get off the ground and growing as quickly as possible. A great way scale your business is by keeping unnecessary costs and overhead to a minimum. Here are a few simple ideas of how to turn your small agency into a digital marketing powerhouse in no time.

1. Use Free Digital Marketing Software

From SEO to Analytics, there’s a slew of resources available for digital marketers. Most online software includes a premium version that requires a monthly or yearly fee. But is it really necessary? 

Majority of the time, free versions of these digital marketing tools are more than enough to hit the ground running. Skip all the bells and whistles and save money by using only what you need. 

Check out our list of 17 free online tools for digital marketers that we stand behind.

2. Choose The Right Office

Instead of focusing on the appearance of a fancy office, focus on the quality of work that your team delivers. Choose an office in a neighborhood that suits your business’s needs and budget. Be a boutique agency in every sense. You don’t have to be located on 5th Av. to be the best at what you do. Many of the greatest things had humble beginnings. After all, Apple, Amazon, and Google all started in a garage. Let your work speak for your agency, not your workplace.

3. Hold an Out-of-Office Day

The beauty of working in digital marketing and online advertising is that the work can be done from anywhere with wifi. And wifi is available literally anywhere if you have a portable modem. For content marketers and SEOs, sometimes working remotely on a big project can actually help productivity. 

Find a day once a month to work from a café, park, or even home. Not will you save on electricity, but it is a great way to encourage team building. Once your agency doubles or triples in size, this isn’t so easily accomplishable. Enjoy the benefits of having a small agency while they still last.

4. Partner With a White Label Agency

As a small agency, you will often find yourself wanting to take on more projects than you have the resources for. Partnering with a white label agency allows you to tackle these projects, build your client base, and grow your agency. 

Team work makes the dream work. A white label agency serves as an external team, delivering projects for your clients under your brand name. White labeling saves your agency money on staffing costs, overhead, and rates, while producing the same top quality services.

To learn more about how your agency can achieve marginal growth and boost revenue with white labeling, check out this article or contact Codedesign today.

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