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If you’ve read any startup and tech articles recently, you’ve probably noticed that Portugal is trending. From innovative companies, to design thinking, and even tech disruption, this small country seems to be inescapable from any “Top 10 _____” article on the web. 

Some people are calling the capital city the Silicon Valley of Europe. Others are calling it the new Barcelona. We call that marketing. 

So, all slogans aside, what really makes Portugal such an attractive place for digital business? Not counting the endless miles of pristine coastline, there are three main factors why everyone in digital is looking towards Portugal.

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Agency in Portugal

1. Portugal is Your Gateway to Other Markets

Portugal is the furthest west point of continental Europe, making it a literal gateway between American and European markets and vice versa. But it’s also a symbolic gateway, serving as a multicultural workspace for thousands of expats. 

Working with an international agency like Codedesign puts broad market knowledge at your disposal. Whether you need to translate and optimize your marketing materials in multiple languages, or need cultural consultation on a new market entry strategy, a multicultural digital agency provides you with the resources you need to grow your business. This is especially relevant for UK based brands looking to expand their external business in light of Brexit uncertainties. 

Codedesign can help you establish and scale your online presence in markets as close as France and as remote as Brazil, without having to contract half a dozen different agencies.

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2. Portugal is Home to the Top Digital Talent Your Brand Needs

Thanks in part to the WebSummit, Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, is a magnet for top digital talent. Digital nomads and tech companies are setting up shop and redefining the capital as a hub for digital creatives. Pairing this with the city’s start-up culture makes for an all-around inspired environment. 

Lisbon-based teams like Codedesign, have the same global certifications and work with   the same media channels as agencies worldwide. But beyond Google and Facebook, we also with next generation digital platforms. From Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Google Ad Automation, we have the digital acumen that brands need to stay a step ahead of the competition.

3. Portugal Fits on Your P&L

When considering how digital agency can grow your business, you want to take into account your (Return on Investment) ROI. How will this team help you increase your profit margins and drive sustainable growth? Due to lower cost of living and fixed costs, digital marketing agencies in Lisbon on average charge a lower hourly rate than their London or NYC counterparts. You could also check these local SEO services to boost your online presence.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency in Portugal means that you get top quality expertise at a more attractive rate. Being one of the last affordable capital cities in the EU is one of the driving factors in Portugal’s sudden popularity. But with the influx of large companies and foreign investment, it won’t be long until the prices catch up to the popularity, so strike whilst the iron is hot.

Considering Hiring a Digital Agency in Portugal?

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