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When it comes to selling online, you need the right user experience (UX) tools to create high-quality designs. As your goal is to provide impeccable products that solve the needs of your clients, you must work with the tools that are focused on what you’re trying to accomplish.  While there are a wide variety of UX tools that provide many benefits, UX prototyping tools are among some of the most important. The best tools out there are focused on better collaboration between the designer and client, which creates a more efficient process that is focused on success.

In this post, we’ll discuss 10 incredible UX prototyping tools that can effectively boost online sales.


InVison has become the number one UX prototyping tool on the planet. This innovative tool allows designers to easily create prototypes by taking advantage of InVision’s wide variety of available features. One very beneficial area of the platform is the management section. Users are able to organize every phase of the workflow and collaboration process; from initial design to the final product.


Atomic is another leading UX prototyping tool that is very beneficial for online sales. However, it is a web-based tool that is only available on Google Chrome, so that may be an issue for developers who use Firefox, Sarafi, or another browser. But all in all, Atomic is a very user-friendly tool that includes tons of flexible and unique features. Although this platform has many benefits, the leading advantage is its history option, which enables users to rewind to see previous iterations.


Webflow’s leading benefit is that it provides high-quality functionality without needing to write any code at all. The main focus points of the platform include web animations, interactions, and responsive web design. This tool is ideal for the independent designer who is looking to export prototypes without utilizing a developer.


Framer is a cost-effective UX prototyping tool that is among one of the most popular. That’s because Framer provides features like device previewing, easy sharing, and version control. Similar to other tools, this UX prototyping platform supports Sketch and Photoshop, allowing for a more efficient and stress-free design process. 


Principle is a very useful tool that UX designers rave about. Not only does it include top-notch interactions and gorgeous animations, but its responsiveness also allows users to create top-of-the-line prototypes. If you’re looking for a tool with a special focus on motion and interactivity, then Principal is worth looking into.


Given Marvel’s ability to build apps and websites at lightning speed, it is one of the top tools for growing online sales in a hurry. And better yet, there is also a free option to use this platform. Marvel provides a complete suite of UX prototyping tools that have the functionality and responsiveness you’d expect. Other key features include top-notch interactivity, dynamic transitions, and gestures.


Figma is another great all-around UX prototyping tool for online sales. In fact, while having a focus on collaboration and accessibility, some designers believe Figma is the leading UX tool out there. Due to the high level of collaborative features, this tool is also very useful for developers and all other team members. Another reason why this tool is so popular is that it has a very user-friendly design and functionality, allowing new users to easily get acquainted very quickly.

Adobe XD

If you’re familiar with UX prototyping, then Adobe XD is a name you know. Adobe XD provides a vector-based system that allows users to put together many types of dynamic functionality; from interaction tools to transition tools. Also, due to the vector-based qualities, this tool makes scaling and resizing a breeze. The compatibility with other Adobe apps is another advantage of this tool, leading to a more efficient workflow for UX designers. 

Origami Studio

Another leading UX prototyping tool, Origami Studio, is ideal for creating extravagant prototypes that blow clients away. Origami Studio is an advanced system that offers extremely powerful UX prototyping tools for mobile apps and websites. One reason for this power is the fact that the tool comes equipped with a variety of prebuilt patches at the designer’s disposal. Once users get a grasp of how the platform works, they can experience impeccable UX prototypes that can result in tons of online sales. 


UXPin offers an incredible UX prototyping tool that can transform your design from static to interactive. But that’s not all: the interactive experience is perfect for showing anyone how a product works. UXPin is a tool that has all the bells and whistles, and its ability to build advanced interactions is another one of its best qualities. Users are also able to easily import from Sketch, share a single preview link, and effectively animate between states. And when it comes to making the prototype feel more “real”, UXPin is the best to do it. Designers have the ability to fill prototypes with auto-generated names, cities, and images. UXPin's online tool is perfect for the innovative UX designer looking to build an incredible prototype that the client will love.

When you’re looking for the best UX prototyping tool to boost online sales, the search can be challenging. By choosing any of the tools above, you can create next-level designs that can take any business to new heights. As a digital marketing agency our team is always on the look for the best tools in the market. I will keep you posted if any of these change.  

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