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Digital marketing blogs are a dime a dozen these days. While some are credible resources for staying updated and informed on industry trends, many are just a watered-down regurgitation of someone else’s content. 

Digital marketers are a busy breed. The articles you read should be consistently adding value to your life. 

To save you time and help you navigate the oversaturated world of content, we’ve compiled a list of the best digital marketing blogs out there.

Here are the top ten industry blogs that every digital marketer should be reading.

1. Moz

If you’re only going to read one SEO blog, it should be Moz. This SAAS company is an authority on all things related to Search Engine Optimization. The Moz blog is a comprehensive guide for the how-to’s and why’s of SEO. Each week the blog features a White Board Friday lead by the self-proclaimed Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin. In this video series, Rand uses a whiteboard as his visual aid to playfully and thoroughly break down the nuances of Search Engine Optimization.

2. Marketing Land

There’s a magical place in the online world called Marketing Land. This huge community is one of the most thorough sources available for news in digital marketing. Marketing Land takes a generalized approach, tackling subjects in all disciplines of digital marketing. Stay updated on all the breaking news in the industry. Several articles are posted every day related to SEM, Display, SEO, Mobile, Analytics, and more.

3. Content Marketing Institute

If you’re looking for content about content, look no further than the Content Marketing Institute. This organization aims to be your one stop resource for all topics related to content marketing. And there’s a reason their blog has a community of 180,000+ subscribers. Find daily posts on subjects ranging from content strategy, to social media, and measuring your ROI. They also have an online library stocked with ebooks and white papers.

4. Smart Insights

Smart Insights strives to bring actionable marketing advice to digital marketing professionals. The Smart Insights blog covers the whole scope of digital marketing and provides measurable insights to help you become a better marketer. Discover articles that tackle pertinent industry topics with a critical eye, backed by numerical data. The blog is complete with a Chart of the Day and a weekly summary so you don’t skip a beat.

5. HubSpot

The HubSpot Marketing blog is a must-have on any digital marketer’s reading list. The HubSpot brand is a leading resource for content on sales and marketing. HubSpot Marketing is truly a blog for marketers. Their well-written and highly-relevant articles are sprinkled with resources such as downloadable templates and certification courses. Subscribing to this blog equips you will the tools that you need to be a more effective marketer.

6. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a digital marketing guru. Boasting over 100,000 monthly visitors and experience consulting for Yahoo, NBC, and Microsoft, he has the track record to justify his role as an industry leader. In his blog, Neil shares his first-hand experience and insight in working in digital marketing. He offers actionable advice to help his readers drive more qualified traffic.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization resources in the industry. Crawling over 6 billion web pages a day, their goal is to help you rank better. Likewise, the Ahrefs blog is a data-driven, no frills blog for SEO’s. This technical, niche blog is the ultimate source for concrete and empirically supported data surrounding Search Engine Optimization. The blog frequently features research studies and in-depth cases to deliver you the most thorough answers to your SEO questions.

8. Buffer

It is key to find a blog that can keep up with the fast paced speed in which social media platforms evolve. As a social media automation software provider, the team at Buffer are experts on social media marketing. While other digital marketing blogs touch on social, Buffer hones in on this as their specialty. Get the scoop on all the latest features from social networks and learn how to master the art of communicating with an audience through social. No time to read? Check out one of Buffer’s many podcasts.

9. Econsultancy

Econsultancy is a leading organization for helping businesses grow online. Their blog is tailored to fit the needs of ecommerce businesses and discovering the best ways to boost online sales. This blog is ideal for digital marketers working in agency and company settings alike. Get practical digital marketing advice with a business growth mindset. Read up on tips about ecommerce optimization, market analyses, email marketing, and hacks that bring your business measurable growth.

10. Codedesign

The final spot is reserved for yours truly. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we understand the needs of our readers and the topics they want to stay informed about. We produce content that addresses the concerns of other digital marketers, as well as businesses professionals looking for guidance as they expand into the digital space. We’re keen on quality; none of that watered-down business.

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