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About ten years ago, the idea of ad servers gained popularity, but many marketers continue to ignore a number of benefits that are readily available to businesses that use various ad serving software. In fact, the definition of the phrase "ad server" itself explains why a sane marketer would even think about utilising it. Specifically, it typically refers to a framework, or better yet, software, used for the quicker setup and management of online advertising campaigns through a variety of channels.

It stands to reason that if a marketer wants to run successful digital ads, using an ad server can greatly streamline the process. In this article we will explain about digital advertising platform and why should you care.

Why unified Ad serving is important?

1. Market to both conventional and online customers.

Instead of relying on impressions, traditional out-of-home shoppers make purchases based on a location in a loop or share of voice. Digital buyers, on the other hand, are more accustomed to impressions and would prefer to work with a provider who does so. One of the unique benefits of unified ad serving is that it gives media owners the ability to sell to both buyers on a single unified platform in their preferred language.

2. Schedule and track a campaign display with assurance.

Many consumers, particularly local advertisers, desire the ability to view their advertisement on a screen close by. Media owners can safely provide details about when and where an advertisement will play when using a loop-based approach.

3. Manage your experience on the screen.

The unified ad server can be used by a media owner who doesn't have their own player software to govern the user experience by deciding where in the loop content or advertisements are played.

4. Set aside a place for partners.

Media owners can easily reserve a specific spot or percentage of inventory to dedicate to their partners’ creatives. To run the real estate owner's creative, for instance, a media owner in a mall might consent to dedicate 10% of their inventory or 1 slot in their loop. This experience is seamless because to unified integrated ad serving technologies.

5. Execute numerous original creatives.

Not only are programmatic placements eligible for sophisticated creative strategy. Media owners can now present a number of distinctive creatives during an ad placement. Media owners may effectively provide pertinent creatives on behalf of advertisers depending on outside triggers, such as running a snow boot creative when the temperature is below 32 degrees and a rain boot creative when it is raining.

6. Execute offline campaigns.

For media owners, having an internet connection can be demanding, especially when handling programmatic and direct-sold advertising. Media owners don't have to be concerned about campaign performance if a connection is lost thanks to unified ad serving. Even if the screen is off, direct campaigns will still deliver as planned, and programmatic campaigns will resume when the screen is back online.

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