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About the Project

Tyrrells is a growing Residential & Commercial Property Inspections company from Sydney, Australia. Operating in such a competitive market, Tyrrells experienced a plateau in their online conversions and digital marketing efforts. The challenge was to build a strategic paid search strategy that was effective at generated leads while combatting the high CPC for keywords in Australia.   Tyrrell case study

The Strategy

  • Establish an objective of 10% increase in leads on a month to month basis.
  • Create lead generation landing pages for use in the campaign. A/B test all landing pages with Google Optimize.
  • Create multiple ad formats and copies to test different messaging. Each ad communicated a clear benefit.
  • Each keyword in an ad group coincided with one single landing page. This proved to be a far more effective strategy than implementing dynamic insertion on landing pages because dynamic ads tend to reduce quality score.
  • Implement a variety of keywords, including less direct search terms with lower CPC's in order to maximize the campaign budget.
  • Strategy iterations on a monthly basis. Continually test new keywords, pause underperforming ads, add more ad formats, use display keyword targeting nd display in-market to optimize campaign performance.


Results were assessed after a 9-month campaign period (January to October). The campaign successfully achieved the objective of a 10% increase in leads M/M. Not only were the conversion goals met, but the client's CPA was reduced by 9% in the process.

  • 77.84% more conversion in month 9 than month 1
  • Cost Per Acquisition Decrease of 9.3%
  • Average Conversion Rate increase of 2.39%
  • Average CPC 50% less than industry average
  • Sustainable new business growth for client

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