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Client Goals

Salmon Health, a prominent name in the senior living facilities sector around Boston, aimed to attract new patients/clients. While the primary goal was to increase their resident base, it was equally crucial for them to ensure that their marketing budget was utilized efficiently. They needed a strategy that wouldn't just reach a broad audience, but the right audience, all while being cost-effective.

Define the Target

The target audience for Salmon Health primarily included seniors looking for a safe, secure, and comfortable living facility, and their children or caregivers searching for an appropriate place for their elderly loved ones. We recognized that both groups have distinct needs and priorities, making it vital to approach each segment differently.

Personas within our Target

  • Retiree Rachel:A 68-year-old retired school teacher who's considering moving into a senior living facility. She's tech-savvy and does her research online.
  • Caregiver Chris: A 40-year-old professional looking for a reliable senior living facility for his aging parents. He's busy and prefers straightforward, transparent information online.
  • Senior Sarah: A 75-year-old widow seeking a community-driven senior facility. She relies on her children's help for online processes.
  • Planner Paul: A 50-year-old planning early for his retirement years. He looks for testimonials and reviews online before deciding.
  • Emergency Ethan: A 45-year-old whose elderly parent had a sudden health issue. He's urgently searching for immediate accommodations.

Some highlights on the Digital Marketing Strategy for the Personas

  • Retiree Rachel:Use informative blog posts and articles on the benefits of senior living facilities. Enhance user experience on the website for easy navigation.
  • Caregiver Chris: Run targeted PPC ads with clear CTAs like "Find the Best Senior Care in Boston". Also, employ retargeting strategies for users who visited but didn't convert.
  • Senior Sarah: Use testimonials and video tours on the website to give a real feel of the facility. Social media posts showcasing community events can also be effective.
  • Planner Paul: SEO-optimized landing pages with customer reviews, and FAQs to address common queries. Email marketing campaigns with informative newsletters can also be beneficial.
  • Emergency Ethan: Ensure the website has clear information on immediate accommodations, possibly with a chatbot for instant queries. Use urgent tone PPC ads like "Immediate Senior Care Available".

Integrating SEO and PPC in Targeting Personas

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  Ensuring the website ranks organically for related keywords can capture the audience like Planner Paul or Retiree Rachel who take their time to research.

From the data: The steady organic traffic growth and a substantial number of backlinks suggest that Salmon Health has invested in SEO.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click): While SEO efforts build up over time, PPC campaigns offer immediate visibility.  Immediate visibility in search results can capture urgent searchers like Emergency Ethan. PPC also allows for specific targeting to reach our personas effectively. From the data: The site's significant paid traffic to competitors like allertonhousehingham.com suggests fierce competition in PPC.

By integrating both SEO and PPC, we created a synergy where Salmon Health became more visible, both immediately through ads and organically in search engine results. This combined approach ensured a wider reach, higher relevance, and, as a result, a 300% reduction in the cost per lead.

The SEMrush snapshot showcases several important aspects:

  • Organic Traffic: Salmon Health enjoys a majority share of organic traffic, outperforming its competitors, indicating strong SEO efforts.

  • Paid Traffic: While Salmon Health doesn't invest much in PPC, competitors like allertonhousehingham.com have a significant PPC investment. This provides an opportunity for Salmon Health to tap into PPC campaigns more.

  • Non-branded vs. Branded Traffic: A higher non-branded traffic for Salmon Health suggests that their content is reaching people beyond their existing audience, which is excellent for awareness.

  • Backlinks: With 8.4K backlinks, it's evident that Salmon Health's content strategy and outreach have been effective.

Salmon Health's digital marketing transformation is a testament to the effectiveness of integrating modern digital strategies, especially in niches like senior care. The approach not only saves costs but also ensures a wider reach. Future endeavors could potentially explore increasing their PPC endeavors, given the evident success from their competitors.

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