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Eventbrite is the world's most popular global events management platform. Preferred mainly by creators and entrepreneurs worldwide to build custom pages, sell tickets, and get in touch with the target audience from a single console. With Eventbrite, you can also integrate email and social media handles to have an end-to-end process of getting all the information in a single console.

How can you benefit from Eventbrite?

Event organizers and entrepreneurs benefit significantly from event planning tools such as RSVP tracking, email invitation creation, and selling tickets. As Eventbrite is a self-service platform, event management becomes a seamless process. The platform comes with a powerful discovery channel as well as a robust marketing tool that does help facilitate a high rate of conversion.

The platform's goal to aid the end-users is to manage events and sell more tickets without indulging in conventional methods that are out of style today! Eventbrite is the answer to creating sustainable success and not short-term fixes. Eventbrite is one of many tools in the market that are popular today. Other players in the world regard their customers to be their lifeline. And supporting their customers on an everyday basis will help you grow.

Currently, Eventbrite is regarded as the Walmart in the realm. Hence, it took some time for companies in the ticketing and event realm to jump on the bandwagon of integration software to the conventional ticketing methods. The difference between Eventbrite and others in the market is that the former focuses on organizers, entrepreneurs, and attendees, whereas others concentrate on venues.

Given that Eventbrite has brought a lot of merit to the global market, many other companies have created such products that challenge the entirety of traditional ticketing. One of the major players today in the market that’s going toe to toe with Eventbrite is GoAllEvents. The free ticketing platform is preferred greatly across the world for its conversation rate.

Following are the 15 top alternatives of Eventbrite that have revolutionized the world as we know it!

1- GoallEvents 

If you’re looking for getting paid instantly for all kinds of events, a platform that makes it easy for you to sell tickets to events with an absolute easy, GoAllEvents is the perfect place for you! What you get more with the platform is that if you’re an event organizer you can use it for free. This all in one platform allows you to convert ticket buyer and evolves into email subscribers. You can also send pre-designed push notifications and emails that will give you an idea, how many people are interested in the tickets, in the first place.

2- Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a platform that helps you create and sell tickets to events. It has a drag and drop interface, so it's easy to use.

Ticket Tailor has a lot of features that make it easy to sell tickets and promote your events. You can customize your own graphics, add social media sharing buttons, integrate cashless payment options (like Apple Pay), set up email marketing campaigns for mailing lists or newsletters, track orders as they are placed on the site—the list goes on!

Ticket Tailor is a great tool for event organizers looking to sell tickets online. It's easy to use and has many features that are useful for event planners. You can customize your own graphics, add social media sharing buttons, integrate cashless payment options (like Apple Pay), set up email marketing campaigns for mailing lists or newsletters, track orders as they are placed on the site—and more!

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3- Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a popular business solution software that tends to the needs of the event organizer and management field. The software currently hosts over 10 million users worldwide, widely used by small, medium, and large businesses. One of the main reasons why the event management realm is using Bitrix24 extensively is that the online workspace comes with 35 cross-integrated tools that take from video calls to workflow automation and file storage.

4- Glue Up

Formerly known as EventBank, Glue Up is an engagement management cloud-based platform curated to help events and non-profit organizations. Glue Up is an amalgamation between event management, customer relationship management, membership management, payment processing gateway, and email marketing. The platform is used to receive messages, registrations for events, manage subscriptions, and edit profile information.

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5- Accelevents

This all-in-one platform combines virtual, in-person, and hybrid events curated to authenticate human connections while driving sustainable growth. The platform is redefining the method by which brands connect with the audiences alongside interactive and customization features. Accelevents allows attendees to watch keynote talks and workshops and answer polls, and they can also download materials while participating in live chats.

6- Idloom.events

Like many platforms on the list, Idloom.events is also a cloud-based online registration and event management solution that aids users in creating event management websites where people can register volunteers to make reservations during events. The platform allows you to create a fully customized event website using pre-defined HD templates and unique tools for content editing. Users will get a real-time view regarding event participants, the status of payment as well as registration category.

7- Retable

It's a modern-day database to make real-time collaboration an absolute pleasure. As it is a no-code platform, you can manage your data and workflows by collaborating with your entire team. You can seamlessly collaborate and organize data with pre-made custom templates dedicated to your industry vertical.

8- GTR

GTR is the go-to technology provider that offers event management solutions in both the physical and virtual realms. In addition to this, they also support different business verticals, from small to large sizes. GTR also automates translation tools, email scheduling, and QR code/barcode while streamlining the entire event management process in real time. GTR, as a holistic solution, is 100% responsive, allowing attendees to have proper event registration and access to the content.

9- Ticketbud

Ticketbud event ticketing solution offers attendee management, event ticket sales, and promotion. The application is available on iOS and Android OS. Ticketbud allows users to create brand-new event pages while making it easier to accept registrations. Moreover, users can seamlessly upload descriptions alongside photos that are integral to events and social media widgets. The software solution also comes with a web editor to make it easy for people while customizing their event pages.

10- Aventri

Aventri is yet another cloud-based event and meeting management solution which came into being to help businesses throughout planning events, both online and offline. From agendas to event sessions, you can create, manage, and customize event pages while adding speakers and providing customized reports. Aventri also offers groundbreaking integration with numerous third-party apps such as Silverpop, Salesforce, Clickatell, Eloqua, Marketo, and OnWire. Due to the built-in API, you can also integrate the tool directly into the website and other platforms.

11- MeetingHand

Anyone can use MeetingHand's cloud-based event management. You can register, pay, manage reservations, manage activities, build a website, and report on your site. Users can register event attendees as individuals or groups with MeetingHand. Travel arrangements like hotel details, room types, availability, tour details, and transfer details can be managed. Custom fields can be added to registration forms as needed. Documents can be delivered automatically to participants. The event management solution takes care of both presentation and submission alongside registration for all events.

12- Eventleaf

Suppose you're hosting conferences, business meetings, trade shows, workshops, corporate training events, award shows, seminars, and even networking meetings. In that case, Eventleaf is the ultimate event management solution that you need in your arsenal to host events. Eventlead allows you to print badges, while the software can get attendees' information from various government sources, making the process relatively seamless and hassle-free.

13- Cvent Event Management

This cloud-based event solution offers mid-size enterprises and organizations to carry out budget management, online event registration, and, lastly, payment processing. The solution empowers event planners to track attendance and procure relevant data. Event managers can also create calendars and share them with the attendees regarding forthcoming events. Suppose you're looking for management capabilities that track ticketing of multiple events, variable costs, and meeting spending. In that case, Cvent Event Management could be the best tool you can use in 2022 and beyond.

14- Converve

This highly customizable software ensures B2B networking and matchmaking is carried out alongside event software. Converve is entirely web-based and flexible and offers 100% customization to meet your events' unique requirements. As adaptable as Converve is, you can use the software to design different events that stand apart from each other. One of the most popular features of the software is 'meeting matching,' which none of the other software on the list offer. The email-marketing offer is another great option to entice you to try out this platform.

15- AudienceView Professional

This ticketing solution is a cloud-based offering that helps art centers, theaters, events, non-profit organizations, and museums sell tickets and raise funds. You can manage ticket prices in the form of sections and seats and can also include other feeds alongside discounted tickets. If you're running a business, you can create ticket layouts, brand colors, and, most importantly, a logo. Users can track donor history, attendance, demographic data, information on subscribers, and demographic data. The platform also has rare analytics features that could benefit event managers in creating segmented lists and membership campaigns. How you use the software is only limited to your imagination and requirement. The tool can identify one-time attendees and donors and keep them in the loop for future events.

16- TicketSpice

TicketSpice is a straightforward platform that offers great customization and ease of use and is affordable. Your ticketing experience will change drastically with TicketSpice, and there will be no going back to the older days of hosting events and keeping tabs on ticketing and attendees. It's feature-rich and offers time ticketing, branding control, box office, reserved seating, and merchandise options.


The greatest challenge for any events company and individual is to host 'successful' events. The conventional way of making events successful isn't feasible today. And as we advance to a new year, surviving in the market alongside several great businesses, we'd be required to step up and be a part of the change. These Eventbrite alternatives like GoAllEvents could help your business escalate prominence in no time! So, take your pick at the revolutionary ticketing software that are great alternatives to Eventbrite and make the most of them.

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