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Tiger Material Handling, a leading player in the industrial equipment sector, recognized the imperative to embrace digital transformation to enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive sustainable growth. Their journey towards digital integration and optimization is a testament to innovation's power in reshaping traditional business models.

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Pioneering Digital Solutions

Tiger Material Handling embarked on its digital transformation journey with a clear vision to leverage technology for operational excellence. The company invested in state-of-the-art automation solutions, integrating IoT sensors and advanced analytics to optimize its manufacturing processes and supply chain operations. By harnessing real-time data insights, Tiger Material Handling was able to enhance predictive maintenance strategies, preempting equipment failures and minimizing downtime. This proactive approach not only bolstered productivity but also elevated overall operational resilience, enabling the company to swiftly adapt to market fluctuations and customer demands.

Fostering a Culture of Digital Literacy

Central to Tiger Material Handling's digital transformation was the empowerment of its workforce through comprehensive training programs and upskilling initiatives. Recognizing that technology is only as effective as the individuals who wield it, the company prioritized nurturing a culture of digital literacy and innovation. Through workshops, online courses, and hands-on training sessions, employees were equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilize digital tools and platforms. This investment in human capital not only fueled employee engagement and retention but also fostered a collaborative environment where creativity and problem-solving flourished. As a result, Tiger Material Handling experienced a surge in cross-functional collaboration and ideation, driving continuous improvement across all facets of the business.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

A pivotal aspect of Tiger Material Handling's digital transformation journey lies in its commitment to providing customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. Through its pallet racking and fabrication services, the company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize warehouse space utilization and enhance operational efficiency. Leveraging advanced CAD software and precision manufacturing techniques, Tiger Material Handling collaborates closely with clients to design and fabricate bespoke pallet racking systems tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it's maximizing storage capacity, improving accessibility, or ensuring compliance with safety standards, the company's dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to find solutions that exceed customer expectations. By combining cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach, Tiger Material Handling continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the industrial equipment sector, driving innovation and value creation across the supply chain ecosystem.

Integration and Collaboration

One of the cornerstones of Tiger Material Handling's digital transformation strategy is the seamless integration of its supply chain ecosystem. Recognizing the interconnected nature of modern business operations, the company has invested in digital platforms and collaborative technologies to enhance visibility and communication across the supply chain network. Through the adoption of cloud-based ERP systems and supplier portals, Tiger Material Handling has streamlined procurement processes, optimized inventory management, and fostered closer collaboration with vendors and partners. This holistic approach not only ensures greater transparency and traceability but also enables the company to respond swiftly to changing market dynamics and customer demands. By harnessing the power of digital integration and collaboration, Tiger Material Handling continues to drive efficiency and agility throughout its supply chain, delivering value to customers while maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Driving Environmental Stewardship

In an era marked by growing environmental consciousness and sustainability concerns, Tiger Material Handling remains committed to driving positive change through sustainable innovation. From energy-efficient manufacturing processes to eco-friendly packaging solutions, the company prioritizes environmental stewardship at every stage of its operations. By embracing renewable energy sources and implementing waste reduction initiatives, Tiger Material Handling not only minimizes its carbon footprint but also sets an example for responsible corporate citizenship. Furthermore, the company actively collaborates with customers and industry partners to develop sustainable solutions that mitigate environmental impact and promote a circular economy. Through its unwavering commitment to sustainability, Tiger Material Handling not only strengthens its brand reputation but also contributes to the creation of a greener, more resilient future for generations to come.

As Tiger Material Handling continues its digital transformation journey, one thing remains abundantly clear: the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds. From pioneering digital solutions to empowering employees and driving sustainable innovation, the company's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity serves as a beacon of inspiration for industries worldwide. By embracing change and staying true to its core values, Tiger Material Handling stands poised to lead the charge toward a brighter, more prosperous future. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, one thing is certain: Tiger Material Handling will remain at the forefront of innovation, driving success and shaping the industrial equipment sector for years to come.

Tiger Material Handling recognized during the Discovery Phase (see above photo) the need to develop its digital marketing approach to maintain its market leadership. Before deploying targeted marketing strategies, a thorough audit and a strategic integration of HubSpot CRM were essential first steps. Codedesign implemented these foundational elements, setting the stage for a series of successful marketing initiatives.

Initial Audit and Strategic Foundations for a digital marketing strategy

Goal: Establish a baseline for current marketing performance and integrate a comprehensive CRM system to centralize lead management activities.

Execution: Codedesign’s team began with an exhaustive audit of Tiger Material Handling’s existing digital marketing efforts, including an analysis of their digital assets, lead handling processes, customer interaction points, and existing technology stack. The audit revealed critical gaps in lead tracking, data silos, and inconsistent engagement with prospects.

Following the audit, Codedesign selected HubSpot CRM as the central tool for overhauling Tiger Material Handling's lead management processes. The decision to implement HubSpot was based on its all-encompassing features that support marketing automation, sales pipelines, and customer service operations seamlessly.


Implementing HubSpot CRM

Why HubSpot:

  • Comprehensive Integration Capabilities: HubSpot offers extensive integrations with various marketing platforms and tools, enabling a unified view of marketing, sales, and customer service activities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Known for its intuitive design, HubSpot ensures ease of use for Tiger Material Handling’s teams, facilitating quicker adoption and more effective usage.
  • Scalability: As Tiger Material Handling grows, HubSpot’s scalability ensures that the CRM can adapt to increasing demands without the need for significant adjustments.

How We Implemented HubSpot:

  • Custom Configuration: Codedesign configured HubSpot to align with Tiger Material Handling’s specific workflows and sales processes. Custom pipelines were created to track leads at various stages of the buying cycle, from initial inquiry to closing.
  • Data Migration and Integration: We migrated existing customer data into HubSpot from disparate systems and integrated it with other platforms such as Google Ads and Meta platforms. This integration enabled automated data flow into the CRM, reducing manual entry and potential errors.
  • Training and Onboarding: Codedesign provided comprehensive training sessions for Tiger Material Handling’s staff, ensuring they were proficient in using HubSpot’s features. Ongoing support was also arranged to address any operational queries.

Outcome: The implementation of HubSpot became the nucleus of all lead activity. It provided a clear, actionable view of the sales funnel and enabled Tiger Material Handling to nurture leads more effectively. Marketing efforts could be directly linked to sales outcomes, significantly improving the lead conversion process.

Continued Digital Marketing Strategies

With a CRM system in place, we then launched a series of targeted digital marketing campaigns, as detailed in the previous structure. These included enhanced Google Ads campaigns, targeted Meta ads, programmatic media buying, and advanced analytics implementation. Each strategy was integrated back into HubSpot, allowing for seamless tracking of leads from initial contact through to conversion.

The preliminary steps of conducting an in-depth audit and implementing HubSpot CRM were crucial in setting a strong foundation for a digital marketing strategy. These steps ensured that subsequent marketing efforts were not only more targeted and efficient but also closely monitored and refined based on data-driven insights. Codedesign’s strategic approach helped Tiger Material Handling to harness the full potential of digital tools to secure and expand their position in the market. So how did we move forward, in terms of our demand gen B2B strategy? We decided to split the strategy in 5 pillars:

Strategy 1: Enhanced Google Ads Campaigns

Goal: Increase qualified lead generation by targeting industry-specific keywords and improving ad relevance.

Execution: We started by conducting a deep dive into keyword research, focusing on high-intent phrases directly related to Tiger Material Handling’s core products and services. We leveraged Google Ads' dynamic search ads and responsive search ads, ensuring broad coverage while maintaining relevance.

Outcome: The campaign achieved a 45% increase in click-through rate (CTR) and a 30% boost in conversion rate within the first quarter. The cost per acquisition (CPA) was reduced by 25% due to more targeted ad placements and optimized bid strategies.

Strategy 2: Targeted Meta Ads

Objective: Enhance brand visibility and engagement on social platforms frequented by industry professionals.

Execution: We used Meta's targeting capabilities to create personalized ad experiences for Facebook and Instagram. These ads highlighted customer testimonials and detailed use cases of Tiger Material Handling's equipment in action.

Outcome: The Meta ad campaigns resulted in a 60% increase in social media engagement and a 40% uplift in direct inquiries from the platforms. The ads also enhanced the brand’s social proof, evidenced by a 50% growth in followers who cited ad content as a key engagement factor.

Strategy 3: Programmatic Media Buying

Objective: Achieve greater market penetration by placing ads in contextually relevant digital environments.

Execution: Leveraging advanced Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Codedesign developed a strategy for real-time bidding and ad placement on sites frequented by target demographics, such as industry news portals and forums.

Outcome: The precision targeting enabled by DMP integration resulted in a 35% increase in overall ad viewability and a 20% uplift in on-site engagement. Additionally, the return on advertising spend (ROAS) improved by 40% during the campaign period.

Strategy 4: Advanced Analytics Implementation

Objective: Optimize marketing efforts through granular tracking and analysis of user interactions across all digital touchpoints.

Execution: Codedesign implemented custom tracking tags and integrated Google Analytics with CRM systems to accurately track user journeys and attribute conversions. This data was then analyzed to continually refine marketing strategies.

Outcome: With improved data visibility, Tiger Material Handling was able to reduce marketing waste by reallocating budgets more effectively, achieving a 50% improvement in marketing efficiency. Conversion tracking showed a direct link between specific marketing actions and sales outcomes, leading to more informed decision-making.

Strategy 5: LinkedIn Automation and Remarketing

Goal: Leverage LinkedIn’s professional network to automate lead generation and implement remarketing strategies to engage interested parties more efficiently.


  • LinkedIn Automation: Codedesign used LinkedIn’s automation tools to target industry professionals and decision-makers within the industrial equipment sector. By setting up automated messaging and connection requests, the strategy focused on expanding Tiger Material Handling's network and initiating conversations with potential leads. Automated content sharing was also implemented to consistently engage with connections, providing them with valuable insights and updates about Tiger Material Handling's solutions.

  • LinkedIn Remarketing: To reinforce Tiger Material Handling's brand presence among those who had previously interacted with the brand but hadn't converted, Codedesign implemented LinkedIn's remarketing tools. This involved creating custom audiences based on website visitors and engagement metrics from HubSpot CRM, ensuring that ads were displayed to users who had shown an interest in Tiger Material Handling's products but had not completed a purchase or inquiry.

How We Integrated with HubSpot:

  • Lead Synchronization: Leads generated via LinkedIn automation were directly fed into HubSpot CRM, where they were categorized based on the interaction level and specific interests. This integration facilitated personalized follow-up through email campaigns or direct sales outreach, tailored to each lead’s interaction history and demonstrated interest.

  • Campaign Performance Tracking: Using HubSpot’s analytics, the performance of LinkedIn automation and remarketing campaigns was closely monitored. Conversion tracking was set up to measure the effectiveness of various touchpoints and messages, allowing Codedesign to optimize the campaigns in real-time based on data-driven insights.

Outcome: The LinkedIn strategies significantly enhanced the quality and quantity of leads. LinkedIn automation expanded the professional network by 40%, and remarketing efforts increased the conversion rate by 25% among those who had previously shown interest. The overall engagement rates on LinkedIn rose by 30%, demonstrating heightened brand interaction and interest.

The digital marketing strategies deployed by our team for Tiger Material Handling have demonstrated significant impacts across various metrics. These tailored approaches have not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts but also significantly enhanced their bottom line. By focusing on data-driven decisions and leveraging advanced digital tools, the client has established itself as a forward-thinking leader in the industrial equipment space.

Linkedin Sales Navigator Strategy

As a Linkedin Partner Agency we implemented a targeted lead generation and engagement strategy using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Our goal was to connect with key decision-makers within the industrial equipment sector, particularly those in positions to influence purchasing decisions. Here is a detailed account of our execution and the outcomes achieved:

Step 1: Target Audience Definition and Search Setup

Execution: We defined Tiger Material Handling’s ideal customer profiles (ICPs) as procurement managers, operations heads, and maintenance directors within the manufacturing, logistics, and construction industries. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, we set up tailored searches with advanced filters such as job title, industry, company size, and geographical location.

Outcome: This precise targeting helped us identify over 1,000 potential leads that fit our strict criteria, enabling focused and efficient outreach.

Step 2: Strategic Content Engagement

Execution: Leveraging insights and content sharing capabilities in Sales Navigator, Codedesign engaged with potential leads by sharing relevant articles, case studies, and industry news that positioned Tiger Material Handling as a thought leader. We also actively commented on posts and shared insights on industry trends to enhance visibility and credibility.

Outcome: Engagement levels increased significantly, with a 70% uplift in content interactions from targeted leads. This not only enhanced Tiger Material Handling’s industry authority but also stimulated interest and discussions around their offerings.

Step 3: Personalized Connection Requests

Execution: Each connection request was personalized, referencing specific details found on the prospect's LinkedIn profile or mutual connections. This approach demonstrated genuine interest and respect for the prospect’s professional background and current initiatives.

Outcome: The personalized approach resulted in a connection acceptance rate of 55%, substantially higher than the industry standard.

Step 4: Tailored Follow-Up Communications

Execution: Codedesign tracked all interactions using Sales Navigator’s comprehensive tools, enabling timely and relevant follow-ups. We sent personalized messages based on the lead’s engagement with our shared content or any recent professional achievements they had posted about.

Outcome: Follow-ups led to a 40% increase in direct inquiries about Tiger Material Handling’s products, illustrating the effectiveness of personalized, context-aware messaging.

Step 5: Performance Analytics and Optimization

Execution: Using the analytics features of Sales Navigator, we monitored all campaign activities and refined our strategies based on engagement and conversion metrics. This allowed us to focus more on the highest performing segments and adjust our messaging for segments that underperformed.

Outcome: Through continuous optimization based on real-time data, we improved the overall efficiency of the campaign, reducing the cost per lead by 30% while increasing the quality and relevance of the leads generated.

By following these detailed steps, Codedesign ensured that Tiger Material Handling effectively uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator not just as a tool for lead generation, but as a strategic tool for building long-term relationships. For more information on leveraging digital tools for business development, visit Codedesign.

Also, for more insights and detailed case studies, visit Codedesign, where we explore the intersection of technology and marketing to drive business success.

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