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Humans are always looking for new ways to communicate with one another. From the telegram to the text message, we are constantly seeking to improve our ability to interact. As our means of communication become increasingly digital, this opens new spaces for digital marketers to run PPC display ads.

Here in Europe, SMS has become virtually obsolete. Long gone are the days of “free nights and weekends.” Smartphone apps such as WhatsApp and Viber allow users to message across international borders and between different service providers for free. The number of platforms available for mobile to mobile, or mobile to desktop messaging are growing more by the day. 

Today, nearly every major social network has developed a medium for messaging. Facebook’s Messenger, Snapchat’s chat feature, and Instagram’s direct messaging are only a few. What does this trend mean for digital marketing?

The PPC Potential

Some experts predict that individual and group messaging will serve as a new intermediary for PPC advertising. Digital marketers are always searching for the venues that will provide their campaigns with the highest level of visibility to their audience.

Messaging apps have proven their increasing popularity among mobile users, with Facebook Messenger as the second most downloaded free app on the iTunes Charts. Millions of messages are transmitted through the internet a day, crossing the eyes of hundreds of thousands of users. This is prime real estate for running highly targeted PPC display ads. 

While WhatsApp and Messenger are currently ad free, their sky-rocking popularity leaves us in the digital marketing industry to question how long that will remain. Messaging and social apps have already begun to hint at their access to users’ conversations. 

Facebook provides GIF and sticker updates available through messenger on a regular basis. Clarks shoes and Absolute vodka ran experimental ad campaigns on WhatsApp in the past. 

So, how soon until we are seeing PPC ads in on our messaging platforms? 

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