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Finding Balance: Tips for Using Social Media Mindfully and Avoiding Burnout

Social Media Burnout

Social Media is an excellent tool for your business if you use it wisely; nonetheless, it sometimes gets the best of us when done poorly.

While these digital platforms opened the door for you to promote your business, the constant stress that goes with managing them can make us feel bad, or better said, burnout.

Social Media Management is more stressful than what many non-digital workers would say it is. If you are a stand-alone entrepreneur, chances are that you have to create, publish almost daily, and attend to customers on your platforms, or if you have a complete team helping you with that, they can get tired, too. Social media keeps a tiny line between entertainment and work, so while work can tire us, mindless scrolling can also do it. The burnout is so high that according to a Sprout Social survey, almost 63% of social media professionals have experienced burnout during 2023.

Now, we can't say that abandoning social media and going back to the old ways is the solution for this tiredness, as it would be more of a "hara-kiri" for your business and wouldn't help you with your mental health. Instead, we prefer to find comfort in balance as there are ways you can manage your social media time with your overall professional life.

Let's find comfort in managing your work balance better.

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What is Social Media Burnout?

Feeling tired or overwhelmed or simply doing everything automatically, as if you were not there? Many who work around social networks have probably experienced this several times. In more concrete terms, burnout is physical, mental, or emotional fatigue that is directly linked to work stress.

When working in networks, you probably have to deal with the endless tasks around:

  • Creating content
  • Publishing at the best times
  • Responding to endless comments
  • Staying aware of trends and much more

To this, we can add a very harmful factor for those who try to progress: networks are a constant comparison with our current situation. When we scroll down the infinite feed of the networks, we keep seeing successful people who live a life of luxury, businesses that have higher sales than us, and, to top it all off, perhaps a photo of an ex-partner who is doing better than you. Ouch, let's ignore this one, please!

With the high competitiveness around, it is likely that your desire for self-improvement forces you to want to give much more of your energy, which may already be at its limit. Consequently, you end up even worse and more frustrated. If you add the cherry on top of all this, you must also deal with negative comments or offended people on networks. Boom, total burnout!

If it happens to you, it is possible that it also happens to your social media team, so everything becomes an avalanche of low energy that hinders your company's growth.

Fortunately, you can avoid this burnout by applying the tips we will give you below.

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Establish Priorities and Be Realistic

With well-planned goals, you save yourself the need to want to achieve "everything" at once.

Humanly, we cannot consistently achieve everything at once. Create high-quality content to increase engagement, create ads that take your brand to other markets, or reactivate network sales so your DMs are full of customers eager to buy or contract.

Hold on, tiger, we know you want it all, and with patience, you'll get there, but take one goal at a time.

A goal on social networks can be more linked to the link you see as the weakest within all your results. If it's followers, build brand awareness; if it's low engagement, create content they can't resist seeing and repeating; and if it's sales, then create personalized ads.

Whatever the option, the ideal is that you set well-defined goals for periods and thus do not dilute your effort in many things you may do half-heartedly. By achieving a goal, it remains a pillar, and from then on, it becomes easier to maintain.

Answer Only the Neccesary.

The networks let you see what your audience says directly, and if you are growing as a business, you are excited by every comment and reaction. Therefore, you want to respond to everything.

When you start to have more success, these comments and reactions start to multiply, but they can do so on both sides: the good and the bad.

The networks, if you have enough time working on them, are spaces that can be quite hostile, and if you don't believe us, just spend about 10 minutes on "X," and you will realize it.

So, as the comments and reactions grow, you may now have to take some time to respond, but not everything deserves an elaborate response.

In general terms, you can receive four types of reactions:

  • Likes/Good comments
  • Questions.
  • Complaints.
  • Haters/Trolls.

By just reading, you can figure out which ones are worth your time to respond to and which ones you should simply ignore.

Now, although networks ask you to interact to give yourself greater visibility, responding to so many people can lead to burnout, but there are ways to speed it up.

On the one hand, chatbots are excellent tools for responding automatically to complaints or questions. We understand how long it takes to answer each of these questions so these tools will save you a lot of time on these tasks.

As for good comments, reacting or sending an emoji is usually enough; you don't need to thank each one of them either, as this can take up too much of your time.

As for trolls or hate messages, well, haters are an aspect that will not disappear from the networks, and before spending too much energy on them, it is better to only respond to what could be a mistake on your part so that turn a hater into a potential client and ignore those who want to annoy.

Avoid Distractions

Call it procrastination or ADHD, whatever the case may be, we can waste a lot of time scrolling through social media.

Sometimes, the tasks we have are not as demanding as we think; it's just that we waste a lot of time getting distracted by many things. So, how do you stay focused within the infinite feed of any social network?

There are very effective concentration techniques, such as the Pomodoro timer, a timer that assigns you 20 or 30 minutes of interrupted work and a 5-minute break. If you manage to train this concentration muscle for a long time, it will not be so difficult to concentrate in the future, but like any skill, it is something that comes with habit.

Now, although smartphones allow us to do everything from the networks, here we give you a tip that may take away a lot of distractions.

Smartphones are perhaps the biggest distraction we have in our lives. Since a cell phone could have all the possible entertainment at your fingertips, more and more people live slouched and with their eyes fixed on their cell phones, and of course, this ultimately causes fatigue and delays the completion of your tasks.

Silencing notifications or timing apps can work on certain occasions, but unless you have the will of a Roman soldier, it is likely that at some point you will be tempted to browse something on the networks.

So, we recommend that you move these activities to your always-trusted desktop or laptop since scrolling on these is a little more expensive, and therefore, your need to keep scrolling through all the feeds may decrease.

To this, you can add keeping your cell phone out of reach. In any case, through the desktop versions, you can be aware of any notifications and thus make your workspace free of distractions.

Automate and Schedule.

Do you know how many things you do repeatedly and manually are already completely automated?

Behind the discourse that AI "takes away our work," the true purpose of this software is to lighten our activities, thus avoiding burnout. We already mentioned a case, such as chatbots, that can streamline your customer service, but several community management tasks are already fully automated.

Tools like Hootsuite help you schedule all posts at the necessary time so you don't have to publish anything manually. One less worry.

CRMs give you an overview of how your audience is reacting, thus saving you long hours of study and research.

Tools like Chat GPT can give you templates or bases for creating written content, saving you time searching for trending topics and the twist you will give to make it interesting.

Thanks to automation, you save hours of repetitive work.

If you want to learn more, look at the surprising ways automation can boost your revenue.

 Diversify your Sources and Perspectives

Do you know what confirmation bias refers to?

Thinking that something is correct just because all your followers affirm it does not necessarily mean that you are right; sometimes, you have to go a little to the opposite side to check if it is true, or in fact, you were wrong all this time.

Algorithms are specialists in giving you a lot of what you like; they detect your interests and will continue giving you related content so that you continue scrolling endlessly. Because of this, it is not surprising because the networks confirm all our opinions, and we genuinely think we are always right because the networks confirm everything.

However, a confirmation bias can be the anchor that keeps you stuck in the same patterns, which does not allow your business to prosper and, therefore, sinks you further into burnout.

Given this, we cannot think of solving an already recurring problem with the same solutions, and instead, we need to look a little beyond the horizon to investigate what we are missing or what we could try.

When you look a little further, chances are you might find something new that can give a fresh turn to your brand so you avoid the constant mistakes you are making.

Final Thoughts.

It is wrong to want to eliminate social networks to solve an issue such as burnout; leaving these platforms closes a great door to success and growth in the digital world. Therefore, the best way to cope and manage these feelings of tiredness is to change your habits in terms of how you manage your social networks.

With a good balance, you can achieve the professional success you seek while maintaining your peace of mind.

However, another effective way to avoid burnout is to have a digital marketing team that advises you and manages your networks according to what your business needs. For that and more, our team of professionals at Codedesign offers their help to advance your business goals. Contact us!

FQAs - Frequently Asked Questions 

What is social media burnout and how can I recognize it?

Social media burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and sometimes physical exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive use of social media platforms. It manifests through symptoms such as feelings of overwhelm, frustration, anxiety, decreased satisfaction or enjoyment in social media activities, and a sense of being pressured to maintain a constant online presence or keep up with the flow of information. Recognizing it involves paying attention to these signs, particularly when social media usage starts to negatively impact daily life, work productivity, or personal relationships.

Why is managing social media effectively important for businesses and individuals?

Effective management of social media is crucial for businesses and individuals alike due to its profound impact on brand reputation, audience engagement, and the ability to reach and communicate with target audiences. For businesses, such as those we have worked with at Codedesign, effective social media management can lead to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales conversions. Individuals, on the other hand, can benefit from a well-managed social media presence by building a personal brand, networking opportunities, and maintaining healthy digital interactions. Without effective management, there's a risk of miscommunication, brand damage, or missing out on potential growth opportunities.

How can setting realistic goals help prevent social media burnout?

Setting realistic goals for social media usage is a key strategy in preventing burnout by providing clear, attainable objectives that align with overall personal or business priorities. This approach helps in focusing efforts on what's truly important, reducing the pressure to be everywhere at once, and preventing the exhaustion associated with trying to achieve unattainable or vague targets. For example, rather than aiming for an unrealistic number of posts or engagements, setting a goal related to the quality of interactions or growth within a specific audience segment can be more sustainable and rewarding.

What strategies can be employed to manage overwhelming social media interactions?

To manage overwhelming social media interactions, one can employ strategies such as setting specific times for checking and responding to social media, using tools to streamline the management of multiple accounts, and establishing boundaries for social media usage. Additionally, prioritizing interactions based on their importance or relevance can help focus efforts on engaging with content that aligns with set goals. Another effective strategy is delegating tasks or collaborating with a team, if possible, to share the load of social media management.

How can automation tools aid in managing social media tasks?

Automation tools can significantly aid in managing social media tasks by scheduling posts, analyzing audience engagement, and generating reports. These tools allow for more efficient use of time by automating repetitive tasks, enabling users to focus on strategy and creative content creation. Moreover, automation can help maintain a consistent presence on social media without the need for constant manual intervention, allowing for a more balanced approach to social media management and reducing the risk of burnout.

What are some tips for staying focused and avoiding distractions on social media?

Staying focused and avoiding distractions on social media can be achieved by setting specific goals for each session, using browser extensions or apps that limit social media usage, and creating a work environment that minimizes distractions. It's also helpful to allocate specific times for social media browsing and engagement, keeping these separate from times dedicated to focused work or personal downtime. Another tip is to curate your social media feeds to align with your interests and goals, reducing the likelihood of getting sidetracked by irrelevant content.

How can diversifying sources and perspectives enhance social media use?

Diversifying sources and perspectives on social media can greatly enhance its use by exposing individuals to a wider range of information, viewpoints, and cultures, which can foster creativity, empathy, and understanding. This approach can also mitigate the effects of echo chambers and filter bubbles, where one's feed becomes a loop of similar ideas, by introducing varied content that challenges and broadens one's thinking. For businesses, it can provide insights into different market segments and foster innovation in strategies and content.

In what ways can a digital marketing team help prevent social media burnout?

A digital marketing team can help prevent social media burnout by distributing the workload among team members, employing strategic planning and automation tools to streamline tasks, and staying abreast of trends and best practices to optimize efforts. Such a team can also provide valuable insights through data analysis, reducing the guesswork in social media management and allowing for more targeted and effective campaigns. Additionally, a team can encourage regular breaks and a healthy work-life balance, recognizing the importance of mental health in sustaining productivity and creativity.

How important is it to prioritize and schedule social media tasks?

Prioritizing and scheduling social media tasks is extremely important for maintaining an effective and sustainable social media presence. This approach allows individuals and businesses to allocate their resources wisely, focusing on high-impact activities while avoiding last-minute rushes and content that does not align with their strategic goals. Scheduling helps maintain a consistent presence on social media, which is crucial for audience engagement and growth, without overwhelming the users responsible for content creation and management.

Can taking breaks from social media contribute to better mental health and productivity?

Absolutely, taking breaks from social media can contribute significantly to better mental health and productivity. Breaks help reduce the risk of burnout, anxiety, and stress associated with constant connectivity and the pressure to be always "on." They provide an opportunity to disconnect, recharge, and engage in offline activities that can improve well-being and creativity. For individuals and professionals alike, periodic social media detoxes can lead to more focused and effective work, as well as a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

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