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Facebook has rolled out yet another new feature- Cover Videos. Cover Videos, like their still counterparts, Cover Photos, create a valuable venue for your brand to showcase its unique identity and promote your message. However, videos create a much stronger impact and result in more engagement than images and other forms of content. 

Facebook have literally provided you with crucial extra seconds to engage the viewer with your brand. Just like film, a Cover Video is an opportunity for your brand to engross a user in your service or product, like a point of view shot. Use it to give people an impassioned, evocative tour around your hotel resort, or take them behind the scenes at your restaurant to show the chef artistically crafting the special. 

Because, 95% of the time, humans make purchasing decisions based not on rational think, but on unconscious urges, the biggest of which is emotion. It is the first thing a user will see when the click on your page, without scrolling. And if captivating enough, Facebook Cover Videos can persuade viewers to stay on your page, give you that all important 'like', and give you some digital traction and much desired brand association. 

As we fleshed out in last week’s blog post, now it is more crucial than ever for brands to start incorporating videos into their content marketing and social strategies. Facebook Cover Videos provide yet another space for brands to do this. Here is how to use them strategically to get the most of your 20-90 seconds.

1. Setting Your Cover Video

Change Cover Video

Changing your cover video is the same process as changing a cover photo. Simply click over the Change Cover icon and select whether you want to Choose from Videos or Upload a new file from your computer. Facebook suggests you keep it within 820 x 312 pixels. Eligible videos are between 20-90 seconds and will pause after the first play. If you want it to be shorter or repeat automatically, just make your video a loop before you upload.

2. Make Sure Your Facebook Cover Video Actually Works

First and foremost, you need to make sure the video plays on your Facebook page. Sorry if this sounds too obvious, but it is so important to double check the functionality when a feature is new or in beta. Even giants like Facebook are not immune to mistakes. 

Cover Videos were only released in late April of this year, so they are still working out some kinks. Lots of brands have been experiencing issues with the playback, even as late as in July, so always keep your eye out for error.

3. Choose a Cover Video that Communicates Your Brand’s Message

Your Cover Video is meant to help your business tell more of its story. But since you only get up to 90 seconds, keep it simple. Make it an anecdote, not a novel. Additionally, videos play without sound by default so make sure it’s strong enough to stand on its own.

 It's important to know how your brand is positioned in the eyes of existing customers, and where to position it in order to attain new customers. How people perceive your brand is one of the vital reasons for their service, so conveying that in your cover video will leave you well placed to reap the rewards. If you can’t find a way to efficiently communicate your brand’s message, then hold off on the cover video. 

Content is a matter of quality over quantity. Don’t choose a video for the sake of filling space; choose one that satisfies your marketing goals.

4. Use Your Cover Video to Promote a Campaign

As the first thing a user sees on your Facebook profile, your cover photos sets the tone of your brand’s page. Use this to your advantage by rotating your cover videos according to specific campaigns. Videos play instantly as soon as a visitor enters your page, so they can't miss it. 

A campaign specific video at the top of your page increases your reach and furthers your campaign goals. Changing the video regularly will also help keep returning users engaged.

5. Track Your Results

You’re not reading a Codedesign blog post if it doesn’t end with an emphasis on analytics. We believe that the best marketers are data addicted. You should always be tracking and reporting your page traffic and engagement metrics so you can learn from the results and optimize your strategy. Use the Facebook Page Insights to find out this information. 

Facebook Video Insights 

Ask yourself: how many views has my Cover Video Received? Have my Page Views increased or decreased since implementing? Did this result in more Page Likes or more Actions on Page? Are users Engaging more with other content from your page? Adjust until you’ve found a video or strategy that works from a marketing standpoint.

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