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This past year offered many new insights and developments in the digital space. In this industry, we are always on the lookout for emerging trends to improve our techniques and become more effective marketers. 

Upon reviewing and analyzing 2016’s evolving digital landscape, we have identified the trends that we believe will pioneer digital marketing in 2017.

Content Marketing


Marketing professionals were asked to select which marketing activity they predict to give them the best edge for 2017. The results show that content is still king. Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to create value for an audience and increase search engine rankings. However, only time will tell if written content with continue to reign supreme or if it will be overtaken by video.

Big Data


Marketers are becoming increasingly interested in big data. Even Donald Trump's campaign made use of big data and analytics to position the president elect for the unlikely win. Big data provides insight into the online behaviors of a target market, allowing marketers to run campaigns based on quantitative trends, not just hunches.

Live Video


Many industry experts expect that live videos will dominate in 2017. Periscope, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook all offer live video, allowing the viewer to witness and interact with a live event. This year, users have had the ability to watch history in the making with the 2016 US Presidential Election. While it has yet to serve a platform for advertising, it won't be long until brands are using live video to interact with their audience.



Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are quickly emerging and establishing themselves as viable forms of digital media. Though previously underestimated, Pokémon Go's impressive launch proved that AR and VR have a promising future in digital. 360° Video is also increasing in popularity and may take great strides in 2017 as a top form of content.

Mobile Marketing


Mobile device usage continues to exhibit an increasing trend, of which 2017 is sure to follow. Online search by mobile device as surpassed desktop, allowing users to be connected at all hours of the day. This pattern confirms a promising future for social media marketing and raises interest regarding advertising on platforms such as messaging apps.

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