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Here are 5 Digital Content Ideas To Help You Get More Online Business This Valentine’s Day

Regardless of your Facebook relationship status, online marketers always have a reason to get all heart-eye-emoji’d over Valentine’s Day. 

Americans spend an average of $146 + on Valentine’s Day gifts, and reports have shown that most users are willing to spend up to 92% more than originally intended if they find the perfect gift. It’s one of the biggest consumer spending holidays of the year, and digital media plays a central role in the customer journey. 

In the US, it was reported that in 2018, over half of all Valentine’s Day shoppers used their smartphones to assist with the purchase. Even traditional gifts like flowers and candy typically involve an online interaction at some point leading up to a purchase. Understanding how holidays effects consumer behavior is a central part of marketing. If you can create content that gets your brand in front of potential buyers during their customer journey, you can successfully increase your sales during these high-ticket times of the year. 

So, how do you optimize your digital content marketing strategy for the holiday season?         

1. Create Themed Blog Content

A content marketing strategy should always start with keyword research. While doing this, you’ll find that certain holidays come with their own set of patterns and trends in search behavior.


Source: Google Trends

  Find the keywords that relate to your business and are anticipated to spike in search volume, and incorporate these into your content calendar.

Consider adding a time-stamp to your article title (i.e. 20 DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019) as this will show users that your article is recent and relevant, thus increasing Click-Through-Rates. Lastly, make sure to publish your content early enough to give it some time to index on Search Engines and reach potential buyers at the beginning of their customer journey. (Check out the case study of how Nestlé stole Christmas by targeting holiday search terms six months in advance).

2. Repurpose Your Blog Content for Social Media

A good content idea can produce a lot more than a single blog article. In fact, the best content is repurposed into different formats in order to optimize consumption and maximize reach. Take your Valentine’s Day Themed blog content and transform it into a piece fit for social media. This may mean turning your article into a video and sharing it on Instagram and YouTube or creating an infographic for Pinterest. Don’t be discouraged by the overwhelming amount of heart-shaped cookie recipes out there. There are plenty of other Valentine’s Day themes that you can relate back to your brand’s offering. Find them by doing a little bit of keyword research.


Lastly, make sure to always include a link back to the original post when you can in order to continuously drive traffic back to your website.

3. Make Your Content Sharable

Valentine’s Day is all about creating shared experiences. Creating content that is designed to be shared multiplies your reach and makes for a stronger brand impact. But creating sharable content means that your audience finds it worthy of sharing. Start by visualizing your ideal customer persona. What’s their gender? Who are they spending their holiday with? Are they short on time or planning far in advance? The more your content resonates with this persona, the more likely they are to share it and create a positive association with your brand. Even if they don’t purchase a Valentine’s Day gift from you, they will be more likely to buy from you on future occasions. There are many different types of content that can be shared, and they will vary depending on your industry. Here are some quick examples:

  • For small shops, such as a florist or a concept store, consider making e-Valentine’s Cards that can be downloaded and sent to loved ones by email.
  • For businesses in the Food and Bev industry, such as supermarkets or even catering companies, try printable recipe cards that are designed to be prepared by couples.
  • If your business is retail or eCommerce, consider offering “Share the Love” coupon that regular customers can send to their friends and loved ones.

While the content itself can take many different forms, the intention behind it is always the same.

4. Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Content

Regular email blasts can sometimes be off-putting, but well-timed marketing emails add value. Whatever content you’ve chosen to create, use email marketing as an additional channel to communicate it. 

The key to increasing your email open rates is keeping it personalized and relevant to your ideal customer persona. You’ll also want to send it out prior to the holiday in order to connect with your audience in the early stages of their customer journey. Whether that’s by reminding them that Valentine’s Day is coming up, or sharing creative gift ideas, this will allow your brand to stay top of mind throughout the entire customer journey.

5. Use Email Marketing to Foster the Customer Relationship

Many marketers tend to forget that the conversion funnel doesn’t actually end with a conversion. Like any good relationship, the client-customer dynamic takes ongoing work and TLC. Once an individual has purchased from you, it’s critical that you continue to empower them and earn their consumer loyalty.


Content plays a critical role in nurturing the consumer in the post-purchase phase and turning them from a customer to an advocate of your brand. One of the best ways of doing this is by sharing email surveys (yes, surveys are content too!). Use this as an opportunity to ask customers how their Valentine’s Day shopping went with your brand, and what they would like to see improved. Sending out a brief feedback questionnaire to customers shows them that you value their opinion. Additionally, you can use this data to further segment your audience and refine your offering to better fit your target customer profile.

Digital Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the driving force to a successful inbound strategy and should be a top priority all year round. 

Need help with your digital content marketing strategy?

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