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Christmas is just around the corner and millions of people shop online every year, looking for the best deals for presents or items for themselves.

A lot of money is being spent this time of the year, and you should make sure that your E-commerce company will get more traffic, rankings, and sales.

Many retailers focus on last-minute PPC and Google Ads Display but forget about organic traffic. But, like every other time of the year, you shouldn’t disregard SEO.

As we’ve mentioned many times, SEO takes time and the earlier you start, the better your results will be. Check out here how we helped Nestle rank for Christmas keywords.

First, Your Year-Round SEO Basics

Now, first things first, you should remember that the basics of SEO will remain the same during the Christmas season. Read our Complete Ecommerce SEO Guide here

Make sure:

  • Your on-page SEO is on point
  • You have appealing and unique content
  • Your meta-tags and URLs are optimized

Adapting Your SEO Strategy for the Christmas Season

Adapting your SEO strategy starts with keyword research. Try tools like Google Trends, SEMRush, or the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

For your Christmas SEO campaign start by searching for a general keyword, “Christmas gift”, on SEMRush, you can get a lot more suggestions, that might be more specific to your kind of eCommerce company. For example, if you sell Toys you can concentrate on “Christmas gift ideas for kids” or “toy Christmas gift”.

Christmas keyword search volume

And as you can see on the following graphs from Google Trends Christmas related searches pick up a little bit in October, skyrocket mid-December and flat line completely in January. And it has been the exact same for the past 5 years.

Google trends christmas gift

Google trends christmas gift 5 years

Tip: During this time of the year price-related searches, like “gifts under $X”, are also very popular. Keywords like this have a high search volume and should be part of your company’s SEO strategy all year long.

You made your Christmas SEO Keyword research but how do you maximize your visibility?

1) Create Christmas-themed landing pages

Christmas ecommerce strategy

You should create those pages based around the Christmas keyword research you have done. Identify several products from your website and put them on a unique landing page.

Those pages can be used as landing pages for email campaigns and PPC, as well.

2) Create Christmas-themed content on your blog

Christmas blog content

Once you Christmas-SEO optimize those posts, they can drive an important amount of traffic to your website.

Everyone enjoys reading articles like “The best gifts for your mom” or “Gifts for the woman that has it all”. You can get a bit more creative with an “Ultimate gifts for Secret Santa” post or “Shoes for the last night of the year”.

You can use those blog posts for your newsletter and link to them the landing pages mentioned above.

3) Promote through Email and Social Media

Christmas email marketing campaign

Once you have created the landing pages and the content, you need to make your target audience aware of their existence.

Start promoting on Social Media, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are ideal for this.

Next step, reach out to your customers through email. Your regular newsletter and a new Christmas dedicated campaign.

Tip: If you have data from customers that completed purchases from your website from past Christmases use them to provide personalized lists for them through email.

We can’t stress enough how important SEO is, but, remember, it is not the only thing you can do to increase sales.

Now that you have taken your Christmas SEO strategy out of the way, you will have more time to focus on Google Ads, PPC, and Social Media.

If you need more support with your Christmas SEO campaign contact us!

Oh! And don’t forget to enjoy the holidays!

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