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The internet made the world a small place. With online training courses (such as those offered by Google and HubSpot), the same technology platforms (seriously, all digital marketeers are using the same marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, SEM Rush or MOZ), and exposure to the same global marketing challenges, digital marketers everywhere share similar education and experiences. 

But when it comes to salaries for online marketers, it’s not such a level playing field. Salaries for digital marketers differ around the world, with some niche digital marketing fields earning on average significantly more than others. 

We did some research to learn more about the average pay for digital marketers around the world. So, how does your digital marketer salary compare?

Average Digital Marketing Salary

  $65,766 the average salary of online marketers in 2014

Source: Moz

This number is based on a Moz survey conducted in 2014. 3,700 marketers from 80 countries submitted responses. 

Now, this study is not perfect. Almost half the respondents (49.1%) were from the United States.

 However, the fact that majority of respondents were from the US allows us to draw additional conclusions. 

There is a wave of transformation sweeping marketing industries all over the world. Companies are shifting efforts from traditional to digital marketing forms. And, as home to many of the world’s tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, it is no surprise that the United States is pioneering this change.

Countries Leading in Digital Marketing Salaries

  Average Digital Marketing Salary by Country (USD)

Source: Moz

Moz’s data reveals that jobs in English speaking markets offer higher salaries on average. 

While Americans are leaders in digital marketing, Australians are the reeling in the highest incomes.

Meanwhile in India, where there is a large talent pool of web-based skills, online marketers make less than half of the average digital marketer. 

As digital marketing skills become more in demand and the industry continue to evolve at a rapid pace, these numbers have likely risen since Moz’s 2014 study. However, this data is powerful for understanding which parts of the world offer the most pay for the same work.

Breakdown of Salaries in English-Speaking Markets

  Average Digital Marketing Salary by Job Type

Source: Conductor

This data was gathered from a 2017 survey by Conductor. Naturally, job pay varies based on a specific role, demand for those skills, and years of experience. When breaking down the English-speaking market, we can get a better picture of which digital marketing professions bring home the most bacon (or rashers). 

In the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia, Director of Marketing was consistently the highest paid position, followed by either Marketing Manager or Content Director. 

Furthermore, the Conductor reported noted the skyrocketing need in the market for content related jobs. In fact, for every SEO position there are four content jobs. 

Additionally, half of all content positions require SEO skill, shrinking the demand for SEO-specific job titles.

Salary Discrepancies: An Opportunity

The unequal pay structure in digital marketing industries presents a unique opportunity. Since the internet makes the world a small place, there are ways for agencies across the globe to work together for mutual benefit. 

Speaking with individuals in mind, the average salary for digital marketers in each of these countries doesn't reflect living expenses, or more importantly, quality of life, which is an often personal and intangible judgement. Knowing the average digital marketing salaries for marketers around the world, can provide clarity and reassurance for digital marketers looking to explore pastures new. 

On a company level, hiring individuals from other countries that have the ability to speak multiple languages increases the capabilities of the host company. It gives opportunity to markets of potential clients that might have been overlooked. As most professionals in the digital marketing field speak English, forming white label partnerships with remote agencies is a lucrative opportunity for agencies in English-speaking markets. By taking advantage of white label services, digital marketing agencies located in areas at the top of the pay spectrum can significantly increase their margins without sacrificing quality.  

Are you taking full advantage of your opportunities? 

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