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As Ecommerce Digital Agency, we know that the success of your e-commerce business, will not only be based on the kind of quality your products have, but it will also be based on the quality rate of your order fulfillment service.

Even though there are benefits attached to packing and shipping orders, including flexibility and personalized experience, the more your business develops momentum, the more difficult it gets to track your orders and inventory conveniently.

When shipping is compromised, however, it tends to disturb a crucial aspect of your business. This consequently leads to the loss of customers due to delays in delivery or even deficits in inventory.

You must partner with a trustworthy order fulfillment company to remain competitive and guarantee an incredible customer shopping experience. Below are the advantages you will enjoy with the right third-party logistics partner.

6 Benefits of Working With a Custom Order Fulfillment Company

1. Your Warehouse Will Not Be Required

One of the most significant advantages of surrendering your fulfillment to an order fulfillment company is that you will not be required to warehouse your goods by yourself.

Managing your warehouse can be costly. Moreover, when you run your warehouse, you will be required to pay for both the space and anything else that goes on in that space.

With the size of your company and the volume of your orders being determining factors, that can mean forklifts, boxes and packing material, warehouse racks, order management software, printers to pack labels and slips, conveyor belts, and computers.

2. Hiring of Warehouse Employees Will Not Be Needed

When you choose to make your order fulfillment method in-house, you will not only be required to pay for the warehouse space and the essential equipment, but you will also need to employ workers to assist in running the warehouse. This can be costly and time taking.

If you only hire workers during the growth process or a busy period, you must lay them off when sales become slow. As a business owner, considering how much you must care about your employees, that technique can have a hefty weight on your conscience.

However, working with a custom order fulfillment company will do that work for you. A suitable third-party logistics partner must have fantastic workers who will work hard to handle your brand with respect and utmost care. They will be in charge of hiring, training, and managing excellent warehouse staff.

3. Possibility to Save Time and Grow

Once your business attains the primary growth mode, the last thing you would like to do is undoubtedly to have things slowed down because of your inability to cope with fulfillment. An alternative option that can help you cope is overworking your employees. However, none of them is an advisable option.

Working with a custom order fulfillment company that you can grow into will grant you a lot of runaways, giving your business a chance to take off for growth and expansion.

Since your time tends to become scarce along with enhancing your online sales volume, even having a small but efficient team will no longer require you to spend several business hours packing and shipping orders.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment will save you much more time, helping you focus on the techniques to grow your business. Moreover, would you not rather be in charge of product sourcing, online marketing, and sales, compared to back-end logistics?

4. Possibility of Going International

Online shopping is, without doubts, one of the most rapidly-developing sectors. On the other hand, many e-commerce businesses focus on exploring the international market. However, they hesitate as a result of the risks attached.

Going international can be a tremendous headache. Meanwhile, getting your products to your clients is not just a challenging aspect. The tough part is the whole paperwork that also goes with it.

When you choose to team up with an order fulfillment company that has experience and knowledge about the lay of the land, your hassle and headache of going global will be significantly minimized.

That is, a custom order fulfillment company will help you enter new markets without necessarily building traditional stores throughout the globe where you want to sell your products.

Furthermore, you will be able to take advantage of the location for distribution with fantastic shipping rates from the custom fulfillment company.

4. Minimizes Your Operating Costs

It will be expensive to purchase packing supplies, maintain quality control, ship, hire employees, etc. However, with a custom order fulfillment company, those overhead expenses can be avoided, and then you can share space and resources with other sellers.

Moreover, through the benefit of economies of scale, you will be able to get excellent prices and terms. Also, you will only have to frequently pay a fixed fee with your fulfillment partner for your services, such as picking, packing, and shipping orders.

5. Efficient Storage and Distribution

A custom order fulfillment company helps you to store, organize, and ship your business requests more efficiently. It will perform the whole task of storing, managing and receiving your products, granting it undenied access to monitoring your current stock levels.

With an order fulfillment partner by you, the risks associated with shipping errors will be removed entirely. Moreso, a fulfillment partner's automated processes, streamlined pick and pack techniques, inventory technology, as well as developed return and receiving processes will always guarantee an accurate and efficient fulfillment process.

Order Fulfillment Partner

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Whether or not you need and will benefit from working with an order fulfillment company depends on you and your business. All company sizes can benefit from an order fulfillment company, particularly if you have decent margins.

Self-fulfillment may appear to be a good way to save money, but that is not entirely true, as an order fulfillment partner will help you save time and money, while also enabling you to grow and expand your brand.

Integration between your e-commerce and a fulfillment center 

In e-commerce, your business's success relies heavily on your fulfillment center's efficiency. By creating a perfect integration between a fulfillment center and an e-commerce store, you can ensure that customers receive their orders quickly and correctly.

Customers expect orders to arrive quickly and in perfect condition when they place orders online. They may become frustrated and turn to a competitor if they don’t receive their orders on time. As a result, having an efficient fulfillment center is crucial for customer satisfaction.

A perfect integration between a fulfillment center and an online store ensures that orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly. Your fulfillment center should be able to track and update orders in real-time so that customers can easily follow the status of their orders. In addition, your fulfillment center should provide accurate inventory information to ensure customers can only order items in stock.

Furthermore, with a perfect integration between a fulfillment center and e-commerce store, you can easily manage returns and refunds. This will help maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers can easily return items that are not what they expected or damaged.

Finally, a perfect integration between a fulfillment center and an e-commerce store allows you to manage your inventory better. You can track inventory levels in real-time and ensure that you always have enough stock to meet customer demand. This will help you to avoid potential out-of-stock situations and reduce costs associated with overstocking.

By creating a perfect integration between a fulfillment center and an e-commerce store, you can ensure that customer orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly. This will help increase customer satisfaction and ensure your business runs more smoothly and cost-effectively.

Integration between your CRM and a fulfillment center

As your business grows, it is essential to have an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help manage customer data and improve customer experience. Integrating a CRM with a fulfillment center can help businesses to manage customer orders better, ensure timely delivery of products, and provide customer support. At Codedesign Digital Agency, we implement five of the best CRMs that businesses can use to integrate with a fulfillment center:

1. Salesforce: Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs on the market. It offers powerful features like customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, and analytics. Salesforce also integrates seamlessly with fulfillment centers, allowing businesses to track orders, manage shipments, and provide customer support.

2. HubSpot: HubSpot is a CRM that offers features like contact management, email marketing, and analytics. It integrates with many fulfillment centers and allows businesses to manage orders and shipments and provide customer support.

3. Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM is a CRM that provides features like customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, and analytics. It also integrates with fulfillment centers, allowing businesses to manage orders, track shipments, and provide customer support.

4. Dynamics 365: Dynamics 365 is the Microsoft CRM that offers features like customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, and analytics. It also integrates with fulfillment centers, allowing businesses to manage orders, track shipments, and provide customer support.

5. Oracle NetSuite: Oracle NetSuite is a comprehensive CRM that offers features like customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, and analytics.

Integrating a CRM with a fulfillment center can help businesses to improve customer experience, manage orders and shipments more efficiently, and provide better customer support. With the right CRM, businesses can have a powerful and comprehensive solution to manage customer data and improve customer experience.

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E-commerce best practice and the Last mile delivery

Last-mile delivery is crucial to the e-commerce experience and digital marketing strategy. Providing efficient, reliable delivery is essential to success in an increasingly competitive online marketplace. Last mile delivery is the final step in the e-commerce shipping process, and it refers to the process of getting a product from the warehouse to its final destination. 

From a digital marketing perspective, delivery is one of the most important aspects of the customer experience. Customers expect their orders to arrive quickly and safely, and poor delivery can significantly impact customer satisfaction. Poor customer service and delivery can result in negative customer reviews, decreased customer loyalty, and reduced sales. On the other hand, a positive customer experience with last mile delivery can result in positive reviews, customer loyalty, and increased sales. In addition to its importance for customer satisfaction, quick delivery is crucial to a digital marketing strategy. As more customers turn to e-commerce stores for their shopping needs, it is important for businesses to provide an efficient and reliable delivery service. 

The last mile ensures customer satisfaction and allows businesses to stay competitive and stand out from their competitors. By providing a positive customer experience, companies will increase their loyalty and second sales.

Overall, last-mile delivery is vital to the e-commerce experience and digital marketing strategy. By providing efficient and reliable delivery solutions, businesses can ensure customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness, and increase sales. With the right strategy in place, businesses can capitalize on the importance of last-mile delivery and increase their success in the online marketplace.

Does Codedesign help with fulfillment and internationalization?

The internationalization of a business requires deep understanding of multiple markets and an efficient strategy to reach them. Companies of all sizes increasingly recognize the need to expand their reach beyond their local borders and into global markets. A digital agency can be a valuable resource when it comes to achieving this goal.

At Codedesign Digital Internationalization Agency we provide expert advice on how to most effectively reach international markets. This includes the creation of a comprehensive digital strategy that targets the right audience, works within the budget, and utilizes the most appropriate tools for the job. This digital strategy should include a comprehensive analysis of the target markets and an understanding of the local language and culture.

The digital agency can also provide technical expertise and resources to create and maintain an effective website that speaks directly to the target audience. This includes website design, development and maintenance, as well as digital marketing and SEO services. A website correctly optimized for the target market can significantly impact the success of an internationalization effort.

In addition to technical resources, digital agencies can provide the necessary marketing and branding services to ensure that international expansion is successful. This includes creating a unique brand identity, developing a powerful marketing and advertising strategy, and building relationships with key influencers and stakeholders.

Finally, as a digital agency, we help manage the internationalization process. This includes setting up functions, such as payment gateways, logistics, and customer service, to ensure the smooth functioning of the business in the new markets. As a digital marketing and e-commerce agency, we are invaluable partners in internationalizing a business. Working with an experienced agency can help ensure that the process is successful and that the international expansion is well-managed and sustainable.

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