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In the digital world today, the word outsource, offshore, remote work, and solutions are just a few words that we often hear, read and talk about in the digital age. For instance, one of the most common practices nowadays by many companies is to have managed IT services through outsourcing. Outsourcing IT services can be advantageous for many different reasons. It can provide several benefits to the company, including cost-effectiveness, access to skilled professionals, and more.

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What is outsourcing? 

Simply put, outsourcing is having a department or section of your business be managed elsewhere by people not employed in your company. This could be a whole department overseen by a third-party vendor offshore or a section of your business handled by a few individuals under a contractual or project-based contract. 

What are the most Outsourced IT Services?

Outsourcing allows businesses of all sizes to access skilled IT professionals who can provide them with the necessary expertise. It saves time and money by simplifying the process of finding, hiring, and managing these experts in-house, which means no long training, plus other overhead, resources, and tool costs. In addition, outsourcing boosts innovation by allowing businesses to access new technologies that would have been difficult or impossible for them to develop themselves. The same applies to IT services, with the recent business shift towards outsourcing IT services for everything from hosting and applications management to network support, managed security, and storage.

Common Managed IT services include: 

1. Helpdesk is one of the top outsourced IT services. Quick response time with top-notch quality resolutions while following necessary protocols that ensure data integrity. 

2. Account Management provides technologically advanced solutions that meet your business requirements, continuously improve your business processes, and define future improvements. 

3. Asset Management helps your business maintain a secure database of all equipment and software. It eliminates the need to worry about not having the necessary tools for a particular department or location of business. Making inventory as easy as a click of a mouse. 

4. Software or System Compliance ensures that your business complies with rules and regulations outlined in the agreement of software or system providers. It helps your data integrity remain intact and secured with redundancy programs, storage management, and malware attack prevention. 

5. User Management Support eliminates the hassle of onboarding new team members or clients. It includes setting up user accounts or deactivating old ones, password resets and management, and providing and revoking permissions. 

6. Disaster Recovery and Backup are one of the most integral parts of any business. Data is the heart of the company. With disaster recovery and backup plans, your business’s proprietary information is not at risk of being compromised. 

7. Reporting is another service that provides businesses with detailed information regarding the health and performance of their network assets. 

8. IT Automation is the process of collecting data to produce a concrete system restore points, disk cleaning or defragment, and deleting temporary files to provide more drive space. 

9. Remote Support gives your staff extra expert hands that can remote in to provide needed assistance on any computer issues that prevent the worker from continuing with their task. Having remote support ensures no idle or lost time due to system issues. 

10. Monitoring and Maintenance of servers and systems are crucial to avoid any downtime. Knowing that this part of your business is well-taken care of gives the peace of mind that productivity and business continuity is progressively gearing towards success. 

11. If you are working with the Google Tools and Features, a backup gsuite company might come in handy!  

Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Solutions

When you Outsourcing IT services can be an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses.  There are many benefits of outsourcing your IT solutions. One of the most important ones is that you will get high-quality work at a lower cost. You will also have access to cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals who can help you grow your business without investing in equipment, hardware, and software. No more unnecessary maintenance or upgrade costs. Round-the-clock data security and less to no downtime.

Companies can save money, time and resources by outsourcing services like IT infrastructure, software development, and website design. This can also help companies stay ahead of the competition as they will have access to the latest technology and industry trends. IT services can be tailored to the specific needs of a business, and they can be scaled up or down depending on the size of the business. Outsourcing IT services can help businesses increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability, while providing access to highly skilled professionals' expertise at an affordable cost.

Determining when to Consider Outsourcing Your IT Services

Why worry when you can outsource your IT services and manage them with the highest integrity and data security level? You would know when it is time to outsource your IT services when your business is experiencing downtime more often than you can handle. Let the experts handle it when things start to go awry in your IT department, and the time it takes to resolve issues dramatically affects your business’s productivity and profitability. At Codedesign we have a team ready to take on your e-commerce projects and bring your ideas to life. 

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